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Flight Scout

True, real-time 3D visualization

With a sound background in visualization and simulation Philotech has continuously built up a true 3D moving map framework, which can be deployed for a broad range of domains and platforms.

The moving map framework consequently renders the scene in 3D independent of the aspect angle and distance from the surface. Backed by optimized and innovative algorithms this platform allows un-disrupted scenes in real-time independent of the perspective.

The performance of the graphics engine is scalable from low-end graphics to mobile devices and HD graphics platforms. The engine supports multiple data sources for terrain, sensor data, meta data and other content.

Multiple sources of data and content supported on many platforms

The thoroughly engineered software architecture and optimized algorithms are the basis of the moving map framework. The architecture supports the adaption and scaling to multiple platforms, which currently include Windows, Linux, MacOS and iOS.

The Moving Map Framework is based on standard technologies like C++ and OpenGL. It supports multiple data formats and databases, including distributed configurations.

Administration and configuration is supported by web-based tools.

Flexible architecture and API as library support fast integration

A simple and straight forward integration in custom systems by a generic API as library and standard interfaces enables the fast deployment of systems. The flexibility, required by many applications, is ensured by the support of networked, heterogeneous configurations including mobiles, desktops and servers.

The moving map framework allows real-time data and content fusion. Processing and visualization of sensitive or secured information in a defined environment is fully supported.

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