Flight Scout
– 3D moving map for your In-Flight Entertainment

Experience the next generation of interactive 3D solutions for your Infotainment

Flight Scout is an advanced 3D interactive moving map for entertainment systems within the aviation, ground and sea transportation industry. It fascinates passengers by its innovative and interactive 3D experience and informative as well as entertaining content and map layers.


High level benefits

  • Multi platform support & adaptable system architecture

  • Newest HD Graphic Experience

  • High level of customization and interaction possible

  • Enables incremental revenue through advertising and cross selling

Multi-Platform Support

  • Generic SW framework, designed as a rendering library

  • Scalable from tablets up to high performance cluster systems

  • Support for 

  • available in 2D App / web client, 3D App

 Newest HD Graphic Experience

High Level of Customization and Interaction Possible

Next level of User Interactivity available

  •  Multiple camera perspectives including

  • Multi-language capability

  • Free map navigation

  • Multiple user interactivity and gestures 

Advanced user interfaces

  • Customized layout and design

  • Flexible branding options

  • Multiple overlay selection

    • Cities, Towns and Villages

    • POIs

    • World Political Map

    • Winter, city lights & Day-night line (2D)

    • Flight information screen

Total Route View

3D Fly by View

3D Cockpit View

Fly by and Aircraft Views

3D Global View

3D Gyro View

Enables Incremental Revenue Through Advertising and Cross Selling

Advertising enables generation of additional revenue

  • Banner advertisements to catch passenger’s attention

  • Popup windows provide the advertisement content (fixed size or full screen)

  • Multiple formats supported such as text, image, video or html pages

Web-Based Content Management Tool

  • CMS connection via web browser

  • Easy configuration of content & moving map databases

  • Advertisement and configuration management

  • Valuable statistics help analyzing passenger behavior

  • Wide POI content available