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Verification & Validation Services

Our services in the area of quality assurance concentrate on the three main sectors:

  • Software Test Consulting 
    • Test Process Analysis
    • Tool Evaluation and Establishment
    • Safety / Reliability Analysis
  • Software Test Engineering
    • Software Test Management
    • Test Analysis and Test Case Design
    • Test Realization, Execution and Reporting
  • Training and Seminars

Software Test Consulting

Test Improvement

Do you intend to improve the quality of your software and need a professional assessment of your organizational structures as well as the implementation and execution of your current test activities? Our consultants will gladly support you establishing an efficient test management in your company which complies with the standards. In this way you can benefit from the great experience of Philotech GmbH.

Test Process Optimization

Many companies wonder why the software that they have delivered still contains so many bugs, although a lot of time and money has been invested in software testing. Quantity on its own is not the key to success.  Crucial is the efficiency of testing, which is exactly the point we are working on. The employees of the Competence Center Software-Test evaluate the internal procedures of your company and develop a goal-oriented solution for the optimization of your test process which is individually adapted for your spectrum of tasks. Even small adjustments to the habitual test process can bring a tremendous reduction of effort.

Software Test Engineering

Test case development

Software that does not behave as specified in the requirements has no value for the customer. High quality test cases are an effective tool to reveal this misbehavior. That’s why the test success of a software project is primarily dependent on the quality of the developed test cases. In order to reduce delays in the project to a minimum, it is vital to develop test cases that detect as many defects as possible in an efficient way. The competent employees of the Competence Center Software-Test have been solving this problem very successfully for years. We are the right partner for designing the test specification, the identification and configuration of the test objects, the review of requirements documents, the set-up of the test environment or the development of test cases.  

Test case execution

The next step after the definition of the test plan and building the test cases is the test realization and execution. Dynamic tests of complex systems can only be realized by running the software with test samples as input. By now multiple techniques for determining of intelligent samples have been established. Static tests do not require the execution of the software. They contain such activities as static code analyses and reviews which thoroughly execute inspections of the resulting documents of each development step. Leave these responsible tasks to the experts. In the areas of static and dynamic tests, we offer the full range of services. Reviewing requirements, design documents, code and test cases, our testers are able to identify many defects early on.

Training and Seminars

A profound training in the area of testing is a basic prerequisite to fulfill the requirements on quality and costs of modern software systems. The seminar Certified Tester Foundation Level provides a comprehensive overview of the crucial topics of software test. The content is tightly synchronized with the syllabus of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB). This allows for a standardized terminology and a consistent coverage of the range of subjects.

The seminar is absolutely vital for the software testers. Moreover it is recommended for further stakeholders, who want to become acquainted with the terminology and procedures of software testing, in order to be able to contribute to discussions with the test experts. All employees of the Competence Center Software-Test complete this seminar when entering their professional life as a software tester. The speakers of the seminar have been active software testers for many years and gained a lot of experience in the fields of software test and consulting with focus on civil aviation. We are looking forward to welcoming you personally in our seminar.

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Philotech is official Premium Partner of the German Testing Board, Platinum Partner of the International Software Testing Qualification Board and accredited training provider for the seminar Certified Tester Foundation Level.