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Introduction to Systems Engineering

Basics, Principles and Methods

The seminar is composed of introductive topics. Participants will be familiarised with fundamental information of systems engineering such as system engineering processes, methodologies and the significance of system functions, system requirements and assurance processes. This seminar discloses contexts of different engineering standards and principles and beyond that it represents best practices. It introduces to system engineering approaches, design principles, system modularity, consistent systems engineering and emphasises traceability of all processes.

The lessons learned will be valuable to understand overall functioning of project processes and familiarises with engineering demands. They support comprehension of customer needs as well as uncertainties during system development. The knowledge gained will enable participants to attend next levels of seminars aiming for advanced expert skills.


  • Basics of systems engineering
  • System life cycle and development phases
  • Structure of complex systems
  • Consistent systems engineering
  • System engineering concepts and methodologies
  • Systems development approach
  • Modular design principle
  • Significance of functions
  • System assurance processes
  • Validation vs. Verification
  • integral sub-processes

Interest group

  • New employees who are starting to learn the system approach
  • System Engineers
  • Manager / Project Manager


  • civil developments
  • military developments

Seminar Registration


 19.03.2019 - 20.03.2019, München
 17.09.2019 - 18.09.2019, München
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Duration:  2 Days
Time:  09:00 - 17:00 h
Participants:  3-12
Price:  1.195,00 €*
Early Bird:  1.080,00 €*

* excl. VAT; Early Bird until 4 weeks before start of seminar, our general terms and conditions for seminars apply


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