Introduction into the ASD specification S4000PTM

The referent will introduce into the current content of the ASD specification S4000P which completely replaces the previous specification ASD S4000M - explaining its content based on practical examples. Feedback and questions from participants are welcome during the presentation and will be taken into account by the referent.


  • Background and necessity of the scheduled maintenance in general 
  • History and development process of the ASD S4000PTM specification 
  • Overview of the content of ASD S4000PTM specification 
  • Introduction into S4000PTM System Analysis 
  • Introduction into S4000PTM Structure Analysis 
  • Introduction into S4000PTM Zonal Analysis
  • Introduction into S4000PTM In-Service Maintenance Optimisation (ISMO)
  • Interfaces to product design, to customers etc.
  • Interfaces to other ASD (AIA standards)

Interest group

  • Programme manager of complex technical products (aircraft, ship, train, power plant etc.)
  • ILS, LSA and RAMT manager


  • Aviation (civil, military)
  • Railway
  • Automotive
  • Military vehicles
  • Plant engineering
  • Energy technology
  • Technically complex products (ships, submarine, lift facilities)

Please note: The seminars "General introduction unto the ASD specificatin S4000PTM" and "ASD Specification S4000P: Development of scheduled maintenance programs for technical products" are independent and not based on the other seminar.

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 19.11.2018 - 19.11.2018, München
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