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General Introduction into MSG-3

 Scheduled maintenance of passenger and cargo aircraft

This training includes a profound introduction into the MSG-3 approach used to determine inspections and intervals (Scheduled Maintenance) for passenger and cargo aircraft.

In addition to this theoretical introduction training, we offer an individual on-the-job training on the topics of MSG-3 system, structural and / or zone analysis.


  • Introduction: MSG-3 objectives and historical background
  • Requirements for A/C certification (Type Certification)
  • Basis documentation: Air Transport Association of America, MSG-3
    • Revision 2007, Revision 2009 and Revision 2011
  • Policy and Procedure Handbook for each aircraft family
    • Organization of MSG-3 process
    • MSG-3 Organs: ISC, MWG, MRB
    • MRB and ISC Meetings, MRB Report approval process
  • Overview: types and methods of analyses
    • Systems Analysis 
    • Structure Analysis
    • Zonal Analysis 
    • Lightning / HIRF Analysis
    • Examples of systems, structure, zonal and L/HIRF analyses
  • Revison process of MSG-3 Analyses / MRB Reports
  • Context between MSG-3 Analyses, MRB Reports, MPD, OMP and AMM
  • Questions and answers period

Interest group

  • Aircraft Engineer
  • Aircraft Technician

A/C Maintenance or Repair experience welcomed


  • Aviation

Seminar Registration


 26.03.2019 - 27.03.2019, München
 26.11.2019 - 27.11.2019, München
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+49 89 610898-177


Duration:  2 Days
Time:  09:00 - 17:00 Uhr
Participants:  3-12
Price:  1.195,00 €*
Early Bird:  1.080,00 €*

* excl. VAT; Early Bird until 4 weeks before start of seminar, our general terms and conditions for seminars apply


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