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Safety Assessment according to ARP 4754A

for systems/equipment in the commercial aviation

The safety assessment is an essential part and important requirement for the approval of an aircraft or system. The adequate and well-timed implementation should be part of any development. In this seminar the efficient implementation of the requirements acc. to CS 25 §1309, ED79A / ARP 4754A and ARP 4761 shall be discussed. The participants will be in the position to arrange and evaluate safety assessments themselves .


  • Overview relevant safety-standards and regulations
  • Determination safety / reliability
  • Implementation CS 25 §1309 Equipment, Systems and Installations and AMC 25.1309
    • Failure Conditioning Categorization, Development Assurance Level Definition 
    • Overview Single Failure Criteria and Fail-Safe Design Concept
  • Safety assessment acc. to ED 79A / ARP 4754A "Guidelines for development of civil aircraft and systems" and ED 135 / ARP 4761 "Guidelines and methods for conducting the safety assessment process on civil airborne systems and equipment".
  • Functional hazard assessment 
    • Aircraft functional hazard assessment 
    • System functional hazard assessment
  • Preliminary system safety assessment
    • Risk mitigation strategies
    • Fault tree analysis (FTA)
  • System safety assessment 
    • Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)
    • Quantitative/Qualitative verification
  • Practical exercise
  • Common cause analysis 
    • Aircraft zonal safety analysis (ZSA) 
    • Particular risks analysis (PRA) 
    • Common mode analysis (CMA)
  • Safety Management after Part 21.A.3 Failures, Malfunctions and Defects

Interest group

  • System-Engineers
  • Safety-/ Reliability-Engineers
  • Certification-Engineers
  • Model inspection control office


  • Aviation (civil)

Seminar Registration


 12.03.2019 - 13.03.2019, München
 17.09.2019 - 18.09.2019, München
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